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We Are Knights!

Parent Teacher Interviews

Wednesday, Nov. 26 and Thursday, Nov. 27


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Students of the Month




Please bring or send a family photo for our M.C.K. Family Board

What is a healthy snack?

Our Knights work hard all day long.  We want to ensure they are able to maximize their efforts by ensuring healthy snacks and lunches.  Saskatchewan Public Health has provided our schools with some interesting information to help our Knights achieve more:  Healthy Half Time Snacks



 Check out the Student Handbook for 2014/15.  There are some changes!




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Sports News

Cheer on our Boys and Girls Volleyball Teams

Click on the Schedule to see when they play

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Parking and Student Pick Up/Drop Off

PLEASE LEAVE THE FIRE LANE OPEN FOR BUSES AFTER SCHOOL.  To ensure the safety of our children, please arrange to pick up your child in the Heritage Baptist church parking lot or across the street from the school.  We have crossing guards to ensure your child crosses the street safely.  Often our buses are unable to park where there is supervision if cars are parked in the fire lane.

Remember that using the staff parking lot for this purpose may be dangerous.

 Many small children cross our parking lot to get to their homes/parent’s cars and it is dangerous to have vehicles backing up or turning around in the small

space. We know the street or church parking lot is a farther walk for children but it is a safer alternative.

Guest parking is available at the front of the school if you are here for a visit.

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Inclement Weather

For the safety of our children, when the wind chill factor is -30 or it is raining, students will stay indoors.

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Progress and Interviews

Pupil Progress
Report Cards will be sent to parents three times a year. (November, March & June)
Parents are welcome at any time to contact teachers for updates and information about their child’s progress.
Formal interviews will be held twice a year.
These interviews usually happen in November and May.
Classroom teachers will contact you to arrange a specific meeting time.
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New School Hours

Outside Supervision Begins as 8:40.  We ask that students do not arrive at the school prior to this time to ensure safety.clock

  • Period 1:  8:50 – 9:30
  • Period 2:  9:30 – 10:00
  • Period 3:  10:00 – 10:30
  • Period 4:  10:45 – 11:20
  • Period 5:  11:20 – 11:55
  • Lunch/Recess:  11:55 – 12:50 Continue Reading →
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Stand Up M.C.K.

Remember if you need someone to know:




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Students of The Month:

Who are our Students of the Month?  M.C.Knoll Students of the Month are recognized for their positive contributions to the M.C.Knoll community.  The student of the month is characterized as an individual who goes above and beyond to ensure our school environment remains caring, kind, and respectful.  These students “make the difference”.



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Who Do I Call?

Who do I call if:

  • I have bus concerns? First talk with the bus driver, then call the school
  • My child is sick? Mrs. Buchholzer, our receptionist
  • We have questions? Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Ruf or your child’s teacher
  • I would like to join the SCC? See the SCC tab
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Did You Know? Bus Information

How I find out what bus my child can access to get to and from school? Call Florence at the Division Office. (786-5500)

Rules for riding the bus are posted at the front of the bus.

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